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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  October 21, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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this is with j is tv. from the city to the county to your neighborhood. now it is complete coverage. maryland's news station. packing up and heading home. the president suddenly ends the war in iraq. >> after nearly 9 years america's war in iraq will be over. >> when our troops will return home and what happens next in the war attorney country. --tone. >> here is what people are talking about tonight. the president declares the war over. after years of controversy the end is near.
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we are live and report on the president's plan to bring all of the troops home. reporter: dee niece right now there are still 40 thousand troops serving in iraq. tonight we learned all of them will be coming home within the next 2 months. >> after 2 years of bat em thousands of u.s. troops are leaving iraq for good. >> today i can say our troops in iraq will definitely be home for the holiday. >> president obama made the announcement today said woa honor a 2008 agreement to withdraw. >> after a decade of war the nation that we will build is our own. reporter: since the war began 87 troops have been killed in iraq. nearly 24,000 have been deployed. >> we are looking at the hard work we did. >> he spent a year in iraq knows what a troop withdraw means for family like this woman and her kids. >> it is hard. reporter: she joins dozens of
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families don't at the airport and hundreds of troops came home. >> we have been waiting and waiting for this day. reporter: staff sergeant had been gone for a year. for the hundreds of troops that returned home tonight the wait still is not over for them. they tell us they have family members and loved ones oversees. >> our brothers are on there way home as we speak. it is a good thing, bring everybody home. >> he hopes other troops get home soon as he did. reporter: the president obama also says he plans to cut down on the number of deployment so that traps can back back to training. back you to. >> the war has been costly. almost 4500 americans been killed and spent more than $700 billion on the war. >> also in the middle east it is a day of celebration in libya after the death of moammar ka kavment now we
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get a new look at the final frantic moments. reporter: the drainage dit itch where the history took a turn is a tourist attraction. today new pictures emerge showing gadhafi bleeding for his life before he was beaten shot and dragged away. leb bell fighters compete for bragging rights to the story of how he died. >> gadhafi said what is happening. he was like crazy. they-someone come and just shoot him in the head. scwhrs today crowds lined up to get one last look at the man who ruled their lives taking pictures on their cell phones. >> he should have been bar read within 24 hours but it has
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been delayed and an insult that is evidence of how deeply he was hated. government officials are arguing about where they will bury him. his grave will be kept secret so it cannot be a place of pilgrimage for supporters. >> we learn today that the baltimore native matt math eut is safe after joining the ren bells. he plans to return home in the next few weeks. involving news in howard county. police investigating a murder at the perkins hospital. detectives tell us a patient killed his roommate this afternoon. the hospital houses people who are not mentally competent to face criminal charges. the suspect was already charged with murder once in montgomery mown county. this is the second murder at the hospital in the last year. they do not have a motive. >> a family tragedy. an elderly couple found dead in what police are calling a murder surgery i side mplet we are live in baltimore county headquarters. we have the latest on the investigation. reporter: county police say 85-
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year-old john sig man and his wief. 84-year-old were found dead inside their living room and investigators believe one of them wrote a note before pulling the trigger. >> neighbors and family friends trying to make sense of what happened behind these doors. >> it is shocking. ridiculous because it is really confusing. reporter: a family member called 911 after finding 85-year old john and his wief 84-year old margey shot to death in the living room of there bird river road home. >> my son called me at work and told me that they had heard a loud noise and that they shout it was a shooting. reporter: investigators says it is a murder suicide. whoever fired the gun left behind a message. >> there is a note that is part of the investigation to determine who left the note. reporter: family frens say the couple had lived in this home for years. they have say john had recent you ly been i will.
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>> had he been sick in the past year. i am not exactly sure i think he had a stroke. he was having problems with dealing with that. reporter: family friends say he doesn't believe the couple had any financial difficulties. they have lived in the house for more than 20 years. he lives 2 doors down. >> john and his wief from a nice couple. they had their routine. she went around to the cemetary every day and walked. reporter: he says he built this home with his own 2 hands now everyone is trying to cope with what happened inside. investigators have not released the contents that have note found in the couple's home. live in baltimore county headquarters. >> thank you. investigators say they do not suspect any one else was involved. life in prison plus 20 years. that is the sentence for the man who murdered a john's hopkins researchers. he received the maximum sentence add law for fatally stabbing the man last
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year during a robbery in charles village. in court the more asked the judge to not show any lean yancy. he denies still killing the man. >> local schools rocked by sex scandals. now a video of students having sex is spreading on the inlt net. we first broke the story. police have not joined the investigation. reporter: video students as junk as 14 having sex on school grounds is spread on line. police say rumors of arrests after an incidents involving frederick douglas high students were a girl said she was recorded without her knowledge are false. although still investigating. people cannot stop talking about that video posted on youtube, facebook an twitter. >> the whole thing is totally repulsive. i would not do that to anyone. i just wouldn't. >> hers is in public in school. which is like a major, major problem for me.
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>> you guys need to cut it out and leave her alone. reporter: although considered child pornography millions have watched the video around the world. >> i don't think this girl should have done what she did but she did it. obviously the boy should not have got what he got but he got to. reporter: the child is devastated father spoke exclusively to us and said her his daughter transferred to another school. >> it hurts a lot of people not just her, not just her reputation but also her family. reporter: there is an ongoing investigation in the county were police have charged 3 young people with having sex in the auditorium at millford mill academy during class. detectives bleem the encounter was taped and shared. >> if they are doing this kind of behavior they need treatment. >> it is unclear what it any pun ushment the students have received from the school.
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>> the students in the millford mill case are charged with in decent exposure and performing a per virted sex act. ohio governor moved quickly to make sure his state never turns into a wild game preserve. he ordered a review today of all places where dangerous animals are kept. also working on a law to ban the sale of exotic animals. more than 50 wild creatures released from a farm before the owner committed suicide. police killed move of the animals to protect the public. cell phones and cancer. is there a link? tonight the largest study of its kind concludes there is no connection between cell phones and brain cancer. researchers in ben mark studied 350,000 users for 18 years. they found they were not at greater risk of developing brain cancer. however, some scientists say more research musting down on people who use the phones for decades. >> a legend take a permanent
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position at cam demme yards. a statute remains locked up tight until a special unveiling ceremony. the 9-foot tall statue shows brooks robinson doing what he did bert than anyone making a spectacular play at third base. the best part he is expected to be on hand to see it in bronze. >> coming up an incrediblees escape. terrifying video as a car comes within inches from hit aig baby. >> allegation after allegation is made you start to think maybe i should not give the person the benefit of the doubt any more. >> missed warning signs along trail of trouble for the woman accused of killing her coworker in a maryland store. >> lining up in support of same sex marriage. find out what one baltimore rave en has to say about it. >> a nice dry weaken on tap. i have the complete forecast
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and you'll get a bonus. you get 10% off your groceries. [ male announcer ] save 10% on your groceries when you get a flu shot. that should make you feel better already. safeway. ingredients for life. it is clear and 47 degrees in central maryland right now. the complete forecast is coming up. in believable video from a store. a toddler in a stroller survives a collision with a car. in an instant the vehicle
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crashes through the front window hitting the 17 monday old. the child was not hurt. in fact, no one was injured in the accident. witnesses say the driver veered off the road to avoid hitting another car. a troubling discovery inside the home of a mase missing baby in kansas city. according to a search warrant a dog reacted to the scent of a dead person. she disappeared 3 weeks ago. her more came under struft knee since admitting she was drinking ob the night. they are cooperating with police. >> new insight into the past of the woman accused of kill aig coworker. police say she murdered murray in march. they have believe it started off a confrontation over stolen merchandise. a former soccer team made has come forward saying brittany had a reputation of stealing in college. >> they are like she has a history of stealing stuff.
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she would steal money. clothing. allegation after allegation after allegation is made you start to think maybe i thowld shot not give her the benefit of the doubt. >> the trial is expect to begin on monday mplet she could spend the rest of her life in prison. >> a prominent ravens player comes in in support of the same sex marriage. in a new video linebacker brendon ayanbadejo pushes for a passage of a gay marriage bill. >> number 51 makes the tackle in the ravens game. >> that was a good tackle by brendon ayanbadejo. >> the 35-year old is taking a stand on youtube in support of same sex marriage. >> i believe we should do everything we can to make families stronger which is why i support marriage for gay couples.
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>> we intend to hold their feet to the fire. >> maryland advocates are also on youtube. >> what we have to do is take a stand and say that we are a people of faith and strong values and we do not want the law in maryland changed which is that marriage is between one man and woman. >> the issue comes to a head when the governor submits a bill to legalize same sex marriage. >> both sides believe they are right. >> what we are going to do is continue fighting for the preservation of the current maryland law. >> no one is willing to give up. if the bill does pass in the legislate active session it will go on in the november ballot in the general election. >> the governor also appears on youtube in support of same sex marriage. >> it was a wonderful homecoming at at a high
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school in frederick county not just because the football team one. the students selected this man as the homecoming king. he has down syndrome. they began a campaign for him on facebook and he ran away with the title. the loudest cheers on the night they were for kif kevin. >> it is great. >> it is very cool. i think that our student population has choosen a por they king. --worthy king. >> kevin has been the manager for the school's basketball team. >> the maryland zoo is celebrating at rifle of 2 new animals. take a look at the 2 new animals. they are known as the short next gir afs ssments they have red itch brown coats. can you see them in the gir after house and in a month with part of the zoo's out door exhibits.
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>> a little zebra. it looks like across of kangaroo to zebra. >> let's take a look nice cool night. skies are clear. going to be a nice weekend. we are at 47. the winds are way down to 7 miles per hour. dewpoints 41. probably going to be a low for the night. many places the bar rom terrorizing. it is still 37. it has been there much of the day. the warm spot is down by the water. 56. hagger stown 49. local ly reporting stations north of the city already down to 43. chilly night. winds died down. 48 westminster and 51 in annapolis. ocean city winds are calm m. still a westwind. later tonight we will see calm witness.
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mostly cleared out except for lingering clouds of the pennsylvania it is hard to see them. the main area of low pressure still moving away over east. this was stuck over the great lakes for 4 days. this afternoon a couple of sprinkles up to the north. still clouds but should get out of here shortly. as the skies clear them temperatures will take a drop overnight. tomorrow for the most part except for a few afternoon clouds generally a very nice sunny day. high pressure moves into the region. no issue at all all weekend long. very nice fall weekend. cool night saturday night again maybe we can get back to the upper 30s. mainly in the 40s. very light winds only 5 miles per hour. the big tip around 563 sun rise. the sun sets at 6:19.
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for the rest of the tonight mainly clear, chilly. down around 41. sunshine a nice afternoon high of 61 degrees tomorrow. the next 5 days 63 on sunday. plenty of sunshine. there will be clouds monday slightly warmer air comes in. cool air 67. 66 tuesday and a chance of showers on wednesday. once again a guy of 66 but a low to 52 degrees. have a great week ebd end. >> coming up the ravens look ahead to the monday night game in jacksonville. we get the report next in sports. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the ravens on sunday no, on monday. we are here with the sports report. >> under the light getting ready. they have not played a real
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close game this season. it is not expected to be close at jacksonville monday night. they have a rookie quarterback. officers sense is last in the league. does jacksonville have anything a decent defense and a run being back what might refined mind you of rise. he has grown into one of the best often exaiferred to- -compared to jones drew. he is a little guy who place big. the ravens see him as a threat. there was a colorful warning. >> you put on the tape this guy is like a rolling ball of butcher knives. he is scary and when he runs over line backers. noks guys out. puts people to sleep. he can jump, bounce, cut and spin and do everything. we have to get as many hats on as possible and hang on for dear éliveélifeélive. >> the cornerback hopes he is on the field to stop that rolling ball.
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he was limited in practice today. saved he is better and previousing to play. they are looking to improve to 5 and 1. see if they can get it done and see it right here op our special coverage monday night at 8:00. other nfl niece. stealer safety is find ten thousand dollars. here is he talking on his cell phone during a game. he called his wife to tell her he was ok after he suffered of what appeared to be a head jury. it is against league rules to use a cell phone on the side lines. ten grand is a costly phone call. friday night high school. baltimore city playing at pol ly. dunbar with the ball around and untawshed. touchdown and 2 point converks in the second quarter. the boys in blue would rally. pol ly remains unbeaten 8 and owe. beat dunbar 18, 14. they had lost the previous 7
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meetings. >> baseball official. red sox gm leaves and president of the baseball operations for the chicago cubs. that compleets the boston house cleaning. he helped build 2 world series win ners boston and got his start as an intern with the or yols. he will not be one of the interviewed. >> coming up a sticky situation at a wine shop. how far the store turned into how far the store turned into the red ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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catch the great taste of pumpkin before it's gone. hurry into dunkin' donuts and grab a hot or iced pumpkin coffee today. america runs on dunkin'. a cascade of wine takes over a store in wisconsin. watch on the video ats an entire shelf gives way
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sending 7,000 bottles of wine crashing to the floor. the wine ran all over the store even out the front door. it took 25 people to clean up the mess. the owner wasn't whining about the wine because insurance covered the loss. >> twin sisters are sharing a lot more than a birthday. jessica and jennifer patterson gave birth on the same day at the same hospital. jennifer accompanied jessica to the hospital and started having contracksings. the children were born 12 hours a part. one difference however jennifer had a boy wild jessica had a girl. >> we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the late show is next. coming up jungle


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